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Stick-on Clothing Labels


Size: 10mm x 25mm

A super quick and easy way to temporarily name clothing. They must be stuck on the 'Care Label' of the clothing item only, not on the clothing itself and will last up to 20 washes. So, if you don't want a name label permanently stuck on clothing, then try our stick-on clothing labels.
  1. These clothing labels are designed for TEMPORARY use and must be stuck onto the Care Label of the clothing.
  2. Simply peel the label from the backing paper and stick onto the Care Label.
  3. Rub over the label firmly.
  4. Do not wash the label or put it in water for 48 hours.
  • 1) Why are my stick-on clothing labels coming off in the wash? I did follow the instructions when I applied them.

    These labels are only suitable for use on the care label. If you have stuck them anywhere else they may not stay on in the wash.

  • 2) Why do I have to wait 48 hours before putting washing?

    The adhesive bonding agent on the back of the label gets stronger over that time. If you immerse them in water before they have bonded strongly they are more likely to come off.

  • 3) I need to remove a stick-on clothing label from some clothing. How can I get it off?

    Simply use a finger nail and pull it away from the care tag.

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Lulu's Story

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